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Four Substances For Which Industrial Filter Bags Are Perfect

Industrial filter bags serve certain purposes within the industrial setting. When companies buy filter bags, they expect to filter impurities out of liquids or powders. However, you can use these filter bags for other purposes. Here are four other substances for which industrial filter bags are perfect for filtering.


Have you ever tried straining impurities and large particle debris out of your kids' sandbox? Impossible at worst and tedious at best, right? Well, an industrial filter bag can help. Many of these bags can filter small particles, various sizes of microns small, while simultaneously removing large debris. One long bag made to filter sugar or salt particles is perfect for filtering sand in a sandbox.

Cooking Oil

If you are the type that has thought about recycling cooking oil, you can do that with just the right industrial filter bag. You have to buy the filter bags made for filtering petroleum in small batches. Use one of these bags to filter your used cooking oil. The bag removes some impurities, essentially "cleaning" the cooking oil. The filtered oil can then be reused for cooking, or you can use it as an alternative fuel source for a vehicle powered by cooking oil.

Rainwater Purification

Rainwater collection barrels are great for producing reasonably potable drinking water. There is just one problem; the rainwater barrels tend to collect insects and dirt granules along the route into your collection barrel. An industrial filter bag designed to pull impurities from low viscosity liquids is ideal for purifying collected rainwater. As you pull, fill and filter the rainwater, you can allow the water to drain from the filter into water storage containers or a clean barrel. Then you can store the water in a pest-free area to use at a later date.

Washing Fruits and Veggies

Drop fruits and veggies from your garden into an industrial filter bag that has large filter openings. As you wash the produce, all the dirt, leaves, twigs/vines, and large particle debris flows out of the large openings in this type of bag. What you are left with is healthy, clean food you can eat as-is or preserve in some fashion to consume later.

Research Your Filter Bags Thoroughly

Research your industrial filter bags thoroughly before you decide to buy them. You want to be sure you are buying the correct bags to filter the above substances, or similar substances. If you are unsure, ask the seller/distributor of these products to help you purchase the correct ones.