Staying Sane While Shopping

Finding The Perfect Ring For Your Fiance

When you reach that point in your life when you are ready to marry that person that makes your heart flutter, finding the right ring is important. It is difficult and can be hard to know what you are buying, but with a little research and some help from the jeweler, you can get the perfect ring for your fiance.

Understand the Quality Standards

When you start looking for the perfect engagement ring, you need to understand what makes a great ring. When choosing diamonds for jewelry, some people get hung up on the carat size, but the reality is, there are many other things that affect the quality of the ring you are buying. 


The color of the diamond in the stone is an important factor in determining the quality of the stone. A white stone is often far more desirable than one that has slight color shifts throughout the stone when you look at it closely. The more brilliant the stone color is, the nicer the right will look, especially in bright light. 


A stone that is milky looking is typically not considered a good stone. The clarity of the stone should run all the way through so you can see the brilliance of the stone after it is cut. If the stone looks murky or white and milky when you examine it, move on and find another stone. 


The way a stone is cut is critical to the quality of it. If the cut is wrong, the stone will not look as nice and the value of the stone is going to be lower. Talk to the jeweler about the cut. They can help you understand the different cuts and why one looks better on a specific stone while not on another. 


The carat weight or "size" of the stone is another critical factor that comes into play when grading the stone. Just because the stone is larger though, does not mean it is more valuable. If the stone has flaws in the other categories, it can be far less valuable than a smaller stone. 

Picking a Setting

Once you have that perfect stone selected, you need to pick a setting for it to go in. The jeweler can help you find one that fits the stone and will look great. You can choose the metal of the ring as well, and if you want a wedding band to match the engagement ring, talk the jeweler about getting a set, not just the diamond engagement ring.