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Have A Business? 3 Reasons To Invest In Promotional Pens

When you own a company, you have to take every opportunity to get the news about your business out there. Attracting new clients is crucial if you care about keeping your company alive and well, which is why you should think about incorporating some other advertising materials, such as promotional pens. Here are three reasons you should think about investing in promotional pens. 

1. Simplify Signing

Whether you are a busy loan officer or a general contractor, there may be plenty of times when you need to have your clients sign off on part of a project. While it is always a good idea to have a few extra pens on hand, having plenty of promotional pens gives you the chance to give your clients their own pen, allow them to keep it, and make signing documents fast and easy. 

2. Prevent the Spread of Germs

These days, you simply can't be too careful about the spread of germs. If you aren't careful, having one community pen could pave the way for germ and disease transmission, especially if you have customers sign for things when they happen to be ill. Fortunately, by gifting promotional pens to your clients, you are preventing the spread of germs, since people can take home their own pen, without leaving a shared writing utensil—and their germs—behind. 

3. Create Low-Cost, Ongoing Advertising

One of the nice things about promotional items is the fact that once they are created, they continue to spread the word about your business for months and years to come. The more you give out promotional materials, the more places your company name, logo, and phone number end up, making it easy for people to reconnect with your business down the road. For this simple fact, promotional items offer one of the lowest cost-per-view of any advertising option, helping you to save money. 

Anytime you are thinking about creating promotional advertising, make sure to use business logos, addresses, and phone numbers that are likely to stay unchanged for quite some time. That way, a customer who finds that pen a few years down the road will still be able to contact you. 

If you are thinking about creating promotional pens, think about what kind of business information you would want to convey to interested clients, and order your pens as soon as possible. Try to select a color that represents your company well, such as a bright orange for a company that offers orange-based cleaning products, or a streamlined navy blue shade for professional law firms. 

For more information about ordering custom promotional pens, contact a local seller.