Staying Sane While Shopping

A Comfortable And Durable Baby Blanket

Many memories will be enjoyed during the first year of your child's life and there may be instances in which you would like to conduct a photoshoot to commemorate their milestones. Muslin milestone baby blankets are constructed of a lightweight fabric that will provide your newborn with comfort and that will also resist stains.

The Fabric And Print

Muslin is a variation of cotton that is designed to be soft and lightweight. This type of fabric is gentle on a baby's skin and can be used for swaddling or playtime purposes. Likewise, milestone blankets often contain a print that corresponds to important parts of a baby's life. As such, since babies change rapidly throughout the first year of their lives, a blanket with a numerical background that represents each month or one that contains a child's name and standard steps associated with learning how to walk or begin speaking will provide your child with a comfortable surface to relax and play on and can be used as a backdrop that can be integrated into a family photo session.

The Integrity Of The Material

When selecting a blanket from a store, an individual may focus on the texture and appearance of the fabric. Purchasing a beautiful blanket that could potentially become stained from formula or soft solids may become a waste of money and could disrupt the bond that a parent would like their loved one to experience with a favored blanket. Fortunately, a muslin blanket can be laundered numerous times in a standard washing machine and dryer without compromising the quality of the fabric.

Additions To Make Special Moments Count

Some accessories or custom features that are added to a muslin baby blanket may make your purchase special and prompt you to use specific photoshoot techniques. For instance, purchase a colorful wreath to highlight a number on your baby's blanket. This type of prop will draw the eyes toward the number, helping alert your audience to your child's age.

Another idea is to have your name, your child's name, and your spouse's name hand-stitched onto the muslin. The names will be presented in each photo. If there is some extra space on the fabric, any future kids that you and your spouse have can be added to the blanket and the blanket can be passed down to each sibling and continue to represent your loved ones during photoshoots. 

Contact a company that provides milestone baby blankets for more information.