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Ordering Custom Screen-Printed Garments

Screen printing is a popular option for customizing shirts and other garments due to the flexibility and affordability of this option. When you are in the process of preparing to order from custom screen printing services, it is possible to make sure that you get good results regardless of having limited experience with ordering from these services.

Be Mindful Of Pockets, Zippers, And Buttons When Designing A Screen Print

The location of pockets, zippers and buttons should always be a factor when you are considering the design that you will use for these garments. Failing to avoid these parts of the garment can compromise the quality of the print that is created. Rather, you will want to limit the design to the flat portions of the garment. While this may somewhat limit you in terms of the designs that you can choose, it is imperative for making sure that the design will look the way that you are expecting. Fortunately, most custom screen printing services will be able to provide you with an outline of where these areas would be on the garments so that you can choose a design that will be compatible with that garment.

Keep The Colors Simple

The colors that are used in the design are another issue that you will need to manage. The number of colors that are used in the garment can influence the cost of ordering from these services, the care that the garments will require, and the ease with which individuals are able to see the design. For the best results, you may want to limit yourself to only a few colors and incorporate the color of the fabric into the design. This can help you to avoid these problems while still providing you with a quality design for your garment.

Always Test The Quality Of Shirts Before Large Orders

If you are ordering these custom printed shirts to sell, the quality of the shirts and the print will be important for making these garments attractive to potential buyers. Prior to committing to a large order, you should always order a test of no more than a few of these garments. This can give you a reasonable understanding of the quality that you can expect so that you can decide whether you want to use that particular provider. In most cases, these smaller orders can be completed fairly quickly so that this step in the process will not significantly add to the time that is needed to prepare to sell these garments in your store.

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