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3 Tongue-Themed Sex Toys For Women

If you're a woman who enjoys receiving oral sex from your partner, you may wish to shop for a sex toy that simulates this act. Owning such a device will allow you to recreate the feeling of oral sex not only when you're on your own, but also when you want to bring a toy into the bedroom with your partner. While there are all sorts of sex toys that can provide this type of pleasure for you, you should direct your search to tongue-themed toys. Any sex toy website or adult store carries a wide selection of these toys, including the following products.

Tongue-Shaped Dildo

A lot of dildos are designed to look and feel like a penis, but you'll also find some that have the shape of a tongue. This type of toy is generally long like a conventional dildo but has a tongue shape at the end. Many tongue-shaped dildos vibrate, which can help you to simulate oral sex when using this device. You may enjoy setting this toy to vibrate at a pace that you enjoy and then using it on your clitoral area. When desired, you can also insert the toy into your vagina as you would with any dildo.

Finger Tongue

Another tongue-themed sex toy that you'll often come across is a finger tongue. As its name suggests, this is a tongue-shaped device that slides onto a finger. You can use this toy during solo sessions, but you may also wish to give it to your partner to use on you. If they've been giving you oral sex but need a short break, they can slip this toy onto their finger and touch you to simulate the oral pleasure that you enjoy. These devices come in several styles, and many of the tongues are slightly textured to increase the sensation that you feel.

Tongue Penis Ring

A tongue penis ring is a device that you'll want to use with a partner, rather than on your own. This is a toy that a male can slide on his penis and position around the base of the organ. It features a tongue on top of the ring that can stimulate your clitoris during intercourse. While it can take a bit of practice to line up the toy in a way that provides you with pleasure, it can be a fun way to increase the sensation of intercourse with a partner.

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