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4 Alternative Uses For Garment Bags In Your Home

A garment bag is typically used to protect fine clothing, such as a gown, tuxedo or even leather coats. These bags are often obtained from dry cleaners or the stores themselves where your garments are purchased.

If you have garment bags lying around your home and you don't know what to do with them, use this guide to help you re-purpose these handy bags for new and useful things. Here are four things you can do with a garment bag in your home.

Protect Furniture

An open-bottomed garment bag can be used to slip over chair and couch cushions to protect the material from pets or other stain-causing guests. You can also place large garment bags over outdoor chairs to protect them from rain or to provide a dry place to sit down if you are using your patio when the weather is less than ideal.

Store Linen

Silk or other fine material sheets, curtains and tablecloths can be zipped up into a garment bag for safe storage. You can even store delicate lace or crocheted linen in a garment bag.

If you are planning on stacking sensitive materials inside a single garment bag, then use an acid-free tissue paper (also free of dyes) to separate pieces so they can lay nicely until you need them. Store your garment bag in a cool, dry area until you need your fine linen again.

Organize Shoes

Seasonal shoes that you don't wear most parts of the year can be placed in grocery sacks then placed in a garment bag. This method of organization frees up storage space in your closet since you won't be using the floor or shelves to house your seasonal footwear. Label garment bags with the type of shoes inside the bags (work shoes, outdoor shoes, etc) so you can easily find what you are looking for.

House Cookbooks

If you have an abundance of cookbooks or other reading material that you refer to periodically, use a clear garment bag to place books on their sides with their titles facing out. You can simply unzip your garment bag to retrieve the book you desire without having to use shelves in your kitchen or other area of the home. Store garment bags full of books in a hallway closet or your kitchen pantry for organization and easy access.

There are many ways you can use garment bags like those from BagOutlet to make your life more organized and protect your precious belongings. Ask your dry cleaner or fine clothing supplier for garment bags in a variety of styles and sizes to meet your needs best.