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3 Tips When Buying A New Coffee Table

If you need to buy a new coffee table, you may think it's as simple as buying any that catches your eye. However, a coffee table quickly becomes the center of attention in your living room, as people tend to sit around it, so you need to choose one that is right for your home and style. Check out these three tips to follow, when you are getting a new table.

Match the Size and Layout of Your Space

Most importantly, you must consider the size of your space. If you have a particularly small living room, a big table, even if it is beautiful, will make your living room appear smaller and cluttered, and it may make getting around difficult. You should also consider how your living room is setup, such as the seating area. Usually, a longer, narrower table is better for smaller rooms, and square or round coffee tables are great for larger spaces. You also want to make sure the table is level to the seat of your sofa or slightly lower.

Choose a Table for Each Location

You may be considering getting a new table for your living room or family room or both. If you have kids, it's likely your kids spend time in the family room, coloring or playing at the coffee table. You need to think about what type of table is needed in each area. For example, your living room may be where you host, so you'll likely want a table that is big enough and beautiful enough to draw attention. In the family room, however, is where your family spends time, including kids. So, choose a table that is durable, to withstand play. Getting a round or oval table is also a good idea, because there are no sharp corners to hurt your children.

Choose Additional Functionality

Everyone loves storage, so when you choose your coffee table, there's no harm in finding one that offers additional functionality, such as storage spaces. Some coffee tables may open, so you can store items, reducing clutter. Others may have shelves and drawers. If you host parties and people eat at the table, you can find some that rise, so your guests can eat in comfort.

Choosing the right coffee table can improve your home greatly, and with so many options, you'll find the perfect one for both your living room and family room. If you would like more information regarding coffee tables, contact a seller in your area today.

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