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4 Advantages Of A Pellet Stove Over A Classic Wood Stove

Heating your home or cabin with wood is a natural and environmentally friendly option. But gone are the days when a classic wood stove was the only choice for burning wood. You now have the option of heating your home with a pellet stove, which burns manufactured wood pellets rather than whole pieces of timber. Pellet stoves have several advantages over classic wood stoves for home heating. Here are four of those advantages.

1. Pellet stoves burn waste wood.

The wood pellets burned in a pellet stove are made from the waste generated during the milling process. Bark and wood shavings that would otherwise be sent to the landfill are made into wood pellets. By burning pellets, you are reducing the amount of waste that is sent to the landfill. On the contrary, a classic wood stove burns lumber that could otherwise be used for other purposes.

2. Pellets are easy to store in your home.

Storing wood for your wood stove can take up a lot of space. You also have to worry about rodents and termites infesting your wood pile. Pellets are a lot easier to store. They generally come in bags, which you can stack in a corner of your home. The bags are made from plastic, so most pests will not bother the wood pellets. If you are worried about appearances, you can store the wood pellets in a plastic tote.

3. You can buy wood pellets at the store.

Sourcing wood for your wood stove may not always be easy. If you do not have your own wooded land, you will have to find people who have wood to sell you. When wood is scarce, you don't have anything to burn. Wood pellets are frequently sold at home goods stores and garden supply centers. If one store runs out, you can shop somewhere else. You can even arrange to have wood pellets delivered on a regular basis, so you never run out.

4. Pellet stoves stock themselves.

If you are not always home, consistently having to add wood to a wood stove can be a pain. Pellet stoves, however, come with automatic filler devices that slowly add pellets to the burn chamber as needed. You can fill the feeder compartment once every day or two, and the stove will keep itself running. This is a lot more convenient when you have a busy schedule with obligations like work or school.

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